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Novi Sjaj Zadar is a company that unites a team with many years of work experience, and one contractor for all works enables you to provide a complete renovation service and your home is ready. We provide service for all activities through the coordination of our teams and guarantee the fast performance of all our works.
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Novi Sjaj Zadar - One contractor for all works!

Novi Sjaj Zadar, together with a team with many years of experience, coordinates processes in order to achieve complete client satisfaction.

Masonry work

Masonry works are various construction works related to the construction or renovation of walls in buildings or other structures. This may include laying block, brick or concrete walls, installing rebar, concreting foundations, building or repairing walls, as well as applying finishes, such as plaster or paint.

Construction of all types of swimming pools

There are different types of pools, and the construction process usually includes excavation, installation of reinforcement, concreting, lining and finishing. In addition, filters, pumps, lighting, heating are installed and the surrounding areas are arranged.

Electrical installations

Electrical installation is the process of installing electrical cables and other components in buildings or other facilities to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of electrical devices and systems. This can include the installation of sockets, switches, lighting fixtures, distribution cabinets, as well as connecting electrical devices to the main electrical network.

Air conditioning

The installation of air conditioning in residential units implies the selection and installation of the appropriate type of air conditioner, and includes the installation of pipes, electrical cables and other necessary components that ensure the functionality of the air conditioner, that is, the installation of an outdoor and indoor unit.

ALU and PVC carpentry

We install all types of ALU and PVC joinery, such as doors and windows, which are used in the construction of buildings, houses and other objects, and the company Novi Sjaj Zadar offers dismantling and installation of ALU and PVC joinery

Earthworks (Excavations)

Earthworks or excavations are construction works that deal with the removal of earth, stones and other materials from the construction site, and they can be of different sizes and depths, depending on the purpose of the construction and the terrain. These works are necessary in the construction of buildings because foundations are prepared and pipes, cables and other infrastructure installations are installed.
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One contractor for all works!

A team with many years of experience and knowledge approaches focused on the needs of its clients in order to meet all expectations in the field of adaptation and complete renovation.
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